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    need some advises about my cycle!

    I need some assistance so bad, I hope that you will be helpful. anybody's comments are welcomed.
    I am running a cycle with only daca- duraboline.
    I am 23yr old, I weigh 180 lbs. I have been working out off and on, but doing good at the gym for the last 8 months. so this is how my cycle will look like.
    1-10 weeks/ 200mg deca - duraboline a week.
    9-12week 20mg nolva
    another good queston? is it good to inject 50mg every other day. does this sound right. this is the second time I am doing this and that's how I have been doing the way I''ve never used any anti es in the past.
    never complained about any gyno.

    please comment and advise, if I need any adjustments

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    lol. bro.....what can i say... first of all a deca only cycle isn't the best idea i've heard. You need to throw test in, bad. Run it at about 400-500mg/week. second....200mg/week. Not enough. Third, nolva combats estrogen related gyno. It won't do a whole lot with progesterone. Fourth, PCT????? Bro, i could give you more advice about exactly what you need and how you should do, but it is kind of obvious you didn't do any research. Therefore i won't give you any more. When you show you've made an effort to find out everything you can...i will give you my best effort to let you know what you need.

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