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    thinking about aborting cycle

    I am 7 days (two shots) into a 500 mg test enan a week cycle kicked off by some d-bol i also planned on taking 10mg nolva a day. this is my first cycle as some of you already know from reading some of my posts. I am seriously thinking about calling it quits on this, i have a huge fear of gyno. I already have what a lot of people call "puffy nips" and i hate it, i also was feeling my nips, and i have a small lump under each nip. These would have been there before i started, cause a week on d-bol at 20mg a day would not cause those. I started my cycle off at 20mg d-bol a day and for a week i didnt feel anything from it, so i uped it to 30mgs and two days later i think my right nip is getting soar and a little itchy here and there so i uped my daily nolva to 20mg, but i can still feel it a little bit. I figure if i have to take much more than 20mg a day whats the point? . Is this gyno im feeling im not really sure. i know the test has nothing to do with this, cause im only a week in. What it comes down to is i already hate the fact that i have puffy nips, and those are never gonna go away. Im not sure im up for checking my nips every day, and every time one itches i freak out about it. im supposed to take my third shot tonight, but i am really thinking about ending this now. I just got done looking at a gyno site, so now im really jazzed up about this. now im pissed, cause im sitting here with like $400.00 worth the shit, that im afraid to use. im just not sure what to do. Im thinking that i would be better off just being cut up and skinny, then bigger.

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    without seeing your nips no one can really tell...if you are prone to gyno already then by-all means be carefull...have you considered femera..this would prob do the trick for you..

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    sorry to hear that bro

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    bro,read your thread the other day with your concern.Up the nolv to 60mgs and see what happens.In 5 days it doesn't clear up,then maybe it would be wise to stop.Good luck DB

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