Hi friends...

Here in brazil it´s spring time, time to BULK to get sze for summer cut...
My BULK PLAN this time is:

Test cyp (deposteron) : 200 mg/ED (1.4g/wk) (weeks 1-8 or 10)
Proviron 25 mg ED
Slin Humalog 10ui post workout + shakes + creatine 5g
Liver support (silimaryn)

I am 6´3 210 pounds / ecto-meso morphic / did about 10 cycles with every juice possible (dbol ,drol,test,deca ,win,slin) / I´m sick of orals...toxic and gain gone fast after cycle.

1)How can i use ALA even with slin? Is post workout along with slin the best time to use ALA? Are slin and ALA synesgistic?

2)Even though i am not very gino prone i think i will need femara .... What dosage should i use of femara even with the proviron anti e help?

3)Can i really make good and more permanent gains with only test at this high dosage as oposed to test average dosage with orals (last cycle i bulk with adrol , bulk big but bad sides and size gone in few weeks).

Thanks and good pumps for all