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    is that good for start?

    i`m starting cycle of sustanon tomorow i`ll take it for 12 weeks 500gm
    every week and nolvadex during the cycle
    i`m 220 pounds and 5 9` and 22 years old
    is that good for the start?
    i`m working out like 1 years very hard and this is my second cycle..
    what do you say ?

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    well it you know about the long and short acting esters in Sust? how often are you going to shoot...i know most advocate at least every 3 days, with most saying every other day to receive optimal benefits. another thing i would say is that you should look into l-dex as an anti_e...better to prevent gyno than try to stop it with nolva once it's already there. just my .02

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    sus is good

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