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Thread: cutting help

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    cutting help

    I have recently put the brakes on my cycle for the time being, and i was thinking i would do some cutting while i got my thoughts in order for when i would try again. since ephedrine is few and far between. what could i take to help me get get shredded. clen , T3? caffine? or can someone still recomend a good product that will help shed these last 10-15lbs. that are so hard to get rid of. I realize that a good diet and cardio are a must, and i have that under control. its just hard to get rid of some of this last bit of fat. will clen help with this? or should you be on a test based cycle?


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    ECA stacks such as stacker 2 (my personal fav) will help. had a good sale on this when I recently picked some up.

    Your right though when it all comes down to it diet and cardio are gonna really be the key

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