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    Exclamation need suggestions on my workout

    here is what i do:

    day1- chest and back
    day2- shoulders and legs
    day3- bi's and tri's (arms, maybe some forearm)
    then i rest a day, maybe not, depends on my schedule.
    sometimes rest a day in the middle.

    for each muscle group, for example, chest, i do about 4 different exercises with about 3-5 sets for each exercise. i usually shoot for around 6-10, usually 8, reps of as much weight as i can get up 8 times.

    im about to start a deca +sus cycle in a few weeks:
    week deca sus
    1 200mg 250mg
    2 250 250
    3 300 250
    4 350 "
    5 400 "
    6 400 "
    7 350 "
    8 300 "
    9 250
    10 200

    i know its not a hell of a lot but its all i got and im done spending $ on more and more.

    anyway, more on my workout, id like to know what you think, thanks

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    Why don't you delete this post here and move it over to the "Workout Questions" forum! Sorry to be so anal!

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    don't like your workout or your cycle

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    Dont like either. You need to research alot more and get your training down better.

    Stick more based around the cores. Something like chest/tris back/bis shoulders/traps leggs/lower back or wahatever. 2-3 exersizes is plenty. 1 muscle group per week. go heavy. if you wanna be big, train like it.

    Your cycle needs alot of work. You need to start with training though. Id post pone it a good 3months-15months away.

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