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Thread: need help

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    need help

    hello I am a 29 year old male and I am a little over weight,I have allways been in shape but I havent been able to work out in 2 years so I gained some weight. I just got back in the gym and started my frist cylce of test 250 enanthate . I am thinking about buying a 80 iud of growth. I wanted to know if I should start it know or wait 2-3 weeks I weight 240 and I would like to stay at that weight but want it to be mucle.I am 6'1 if that would help. please let me know what you would do thanks.

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    enth will bloat you bro, i would say mabey fina or prop..

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    well...i will begin by saying that you should never have started your cycle this soon.

    you should put greater emphasis on diet and training first..those are the most important factors

    and GH is not the way to go for you at this point. you need to run GH for ~12months to get results...that will get very expensive. an 80IU kit will do nothing

    i'm sure you can achieve better, lasting, and satisfying results without gear usage right now.
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