In a dilema. Last year i did my 5th cycle of 100mg prop eod, 600mg eq ed, proviron and arimidex . i completly lost my sex drive and my nuts were the size of raisins. I recovered back to normal, and now, 6 months later i just started my new cycle. sust and prop totaling 400-750mgs per week of test and 50mgs winny ed. i shot 1 amp of sust and two mls of winny so far this week and i feel like shit. my sex drivr has decreased and im worried it will be a rEpeat of last time. I know my stuff is not fake and this is a recent thing being i have successfully completed 4 cycles witgh no effects. all in my head or should i back off juice for a while. look at my profile to c my stats.and if iu stop now should i tske clomid for i amp of sust?