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    Who has used Halotestin and how strong was it?

    What kind did you take, I can only get Stenox. Is the other Halo Vet gear, I know Stenox is for human use. How much did you take and how strong did you get? Is it a testosterone or similar to D-Bol. I have always though it is a potent test. Is Halo a good stack with QV Winstrol ? I want to get a rip as I can and Halo is also supposed to give you a very hard solid look.

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    a building
    its more of a dbol , but its also more for strength buildup then size, if ur looking to get cut why not just run EQ instead?

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    Stenox does not produce much at all in the way of weight gains. It is a very strong androgen, and excellent for strength and hardening up. I used Stenox at 20 mg/d and it was pretty effective. Added some density to my cheap ass. I believe it to be more effective for strength gains, or cutting up. But it is pretty harsh and has some bad ADE's. But it was fun to try.

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    IMO unless your a powerlifter or in some kind of contact competition i.e. fighting or football leave it alone. There are better compounds out there to acheive your goals. Research halo thoroughly and look at some previous posts going back even a couple years. It is not to be taken lightly, just my advise... there's a reason competition lifters & fighters use it....

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    I use halo for fighting, 40mg ed gives me a great edge when stacked with test and other AAS.

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