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    calculating nolva

    Can you guys check my calculations plz.

    if my possible cycle is
    wks 1-10 test enthanate
    nolva to be 20 mg ed run throughout as well as pct.

    Since pct is 3 weeks after last inject and lasts for three weeks, than I need 16 weeks worth of nolva?

    A box has 30, 20 mg tabs.

    so one box = one months supply.
    so i need 4 boxes right? Maybe 5 just to be safe?

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    You can start the clomid two weeks after the enanthate , so 10 weeks test + 2 weeks wait + 3 weeks clomid = 15 weeks = 105 days = 4 boxes with some extra in case some gyno happens to show (though not likely, if it does you'll need more than 20mg).


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