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    Upcoming Cycle, Need Help

    This is my second cycle, my first looked like this:
    Weeks 1-4 50mg D-Bol/day
    Weeks 1-14 500mg Sust/week
    Weeks 1-14 400mg Deca /week
    Weeks 8-14 100mg Prop EOD
    Used HCG , Clomid, Novaldex and Proviron when coming off cycle.
    Had very few side effects, jsut a couple pimples on my face.
    Put on approx. 40lbs. Kept slightly more than 35lbs when done.

    I am 22 years old. 6'1". 220lbs.

    My next cycle is what I need some feedback on. I was thinking of the following:
    Weeks 1-4 75mg Anadrol /ED
    Weeks 1-16 600mg Deca/week
    Weeks 1-18 250mg Sust/EOD
    Weeks 13-20 75mg Fina/ED
    Weeks 18-21 100mg Prop/ED
    1250iu's HCG/ED every 4 weeks for 4 days
    HCG: Week 20 1250iu/ED
    Week 21 1250iu/EOD
    Post cycle Clomid starting week 21 @ usual dosages for 3 or 4 weeks.
    Novaldex 40mg/ED starting week 18 ending w/ Clomid
    Proviron same as Novaldex @ 50mg/ED
    Maybe Proviron 25mg/ED Weeks 1-4 to keep down bloating from Anadrol,
    or maybe 50mg/ED???
    Clembuterol tapering up to 120mcg/ED weeks 21+22 and 24+25.

    I think that covers pretty much everything. Let me know what you guys think. Whatever I can do to tweak the cycle out even more.?.?.
    I would like to end up at around 260-270lbs when all is said and done.
    Yeah, and is there anything I can take to make me bust quicker. I was fucking for like 2+ hours straight on my first cycle just to get 1 nut, got on my nerves after awhile. Alright bro's, help me out, let me know what you think.

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    Looks like you've got everything in line to me. The dosages are a high IMO, but 50mg d-bol in your first cycle seems pretty high too. I would dare to say you should make some great gains from this cycle. Good luck.


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    I like it!!!!!

    I didnt like drol at all, so i would say stick with dbol just up the dose to maybe 60mg/ed, its up to you though. Try it for yourself and see if you are like some who love it!

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    Thanks for the feedback guys. Ive heard alot of good things about Anadrol , so I figured I'd give it a try. Bump...

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