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    Add what with Aratest?

    hey fellas i have a question, what should i stack aratest with. I have heard that aratest makes it to where u cant show up for the ball game if you know what i mean and i have heard that deca does the same thing. Any advice would greatly be appreciated.

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    I know what you mean...
    What are you looking for? Size..lean mass? What?

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    bro, why r u running aratest?? if have access to other gear then i would go with them, many people get shitty results off aratest like myself, but u may be different. if its all u can get then go ahead and run it but go with a dose at least 500mg a week and preferably 750mg a week. and to answer what to add with it, u gota tell us what u are going for....

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    i am running aratest with 300mg/week of deca , and 20mg a day of reforvit-b(liquid dbol )

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    why would aratest make you "not show up to the ballgame" as you put it, its comprised of test enathate and prop- neither of which cause that to occur.

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    Just not true. No reason for Aratest to give you "deca -dick". Aratest is testosterone . Combo of Enanthate 200mgs and Propionate 50mgs. My belief is that this product has changed for the better in the past couple years compared to 3-4 years back when I just hated it and hear nothing good about it. I would go with no less then 500mgs/week and adding 300mgs/week of EQ would be something very nice. PEACE! ROCK

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