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    Think B4 U Stick

    This is my story of my steroid rollercoaster.

    As many of u neewbies are aware that when u join this excellent web site many people tell u that don’t do steroids , don’t even think about doing steroids until… u are at the largest ur gonna get with out AS. Until u have researched all the possible effects and also side effects, until ur training regime and also ur eating schedule is spot on. They often tell u start of with these simple steps;
    • Eat properly (enough protein/carbs)
    • Train hard
    • Rest as much as u have trained
    • Then start dealing with meal replacements and products such as creatine and l-glutamine
    • And also adding muti-vitamins

    To the average Joe this seems easy to do and then when u have reached these stages for at least a couple of month’s u are sure to see a change in your strength and body shape.

    But no! Newbie i.e. myself, man I don’t need that give me test enanthate and deca and ill show u how big ill get with out following the foundations (silly mistake!!!!)

    All u are going to be in for is an emotional roller coaster; I have been so depressed that I have thought about giving up training… but I won’t be beat I’m in it for the long run I have been off steroids for a little over a month now.
    And my strength size and muscle quality has improved immensely, I am not picking up as much weight on flat bench as I was before when I was on but on every thing else I have much improved if not sustained what I used to lift when I was on AS.

    Ive gone back to the drawing board and started following the simple steps to success, which I shouldn’t have ever over looked in the beginning.

    All I’m trying to say to all the peeps out there who are so eager to stick them self, don’t STOP think about it have U reached that stage that ur body NEEDS ANABOLIC STERIODS .

    Keep lifting just thought I should share this with every body I hope this makes sense.

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    good post.bump.

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    makes great sense...thanks for sharing it.

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    Great post!!


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