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    Questioin on REDUCING potency of an UG Test E--->

    My bud asked me to track down some high mg Test E for him, and I found some 400mg. My source said to warn him of potential pain, so I did. Well, my buddy said the pain of his 1st 1cc shot lasted for over a week, and he couldnt train, had a hard time sleeping, and hell...a hard time even driving. Next he reluctantly tried 1/2cc, and the same shit (slightly less) happened. I asked my source if it could be the BA, and he said it was only .9% so it's doubtfull. He says the pain is from the high concentration of Test. Now my guy stopped his cycle, and wont go near the shit. Is there a way to reduce the potency? I know he could cut it with some sterile oil, or decca...but it would still have 1/2 a cc of the potent shit in it. I dont mean to sound completely ignorant, but how could I make it 200mg...not a 1/2 a cc of 400?

    Make sense?



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    By combining 1/2cc of t400 with 1/2 cc of sterile oil, that would give him 1 cc of t200 and would hurt alot less.

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