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    Anadrol At The End???

    Is there any problem to take anadrol on the end of the cicle?
    For an exemple, starting taking it after the last sust shot and ending 4 weeks later, and then imrdiatly starting the PCT???

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    drol is sometimes used at the end of a pre-contest cycle to help retain muscle when dieting, but i wouldn't run it without test.
    So maybe if your running a cycle that your using test e or c, it would be best to switch to test prop at the end, along w/ 4 weeks of drol.

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    I know people that swear by ending a cycle just like you would start one. So in essence a lot of people would start with lets say 50mg drol for the first for weeks to kickstart. Instead you would end your last four weeks with drol. When you do this you are basicly bulking way up to help keep your weight up thru your off cycle phase. Take it with the test in this case. I personally dont like coming out of a cycle all bloated so I cut up at the end of my cycle. What was your planned cycle.

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    Well it's unorthodox as it's usually used to jump start a cycle, but I really don't see why you couldn't. Are you going to jumpstart with something like prop or use drol for the first couple weeks and then again after your last shot? As long as you have a break in between I don't see a problem and since I personally always start to cut at the end of a cycle I would like to see how the results are from using it this way. I say go for it and post your results.

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    your PCT would be all screwed if you do that

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