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    Take A Look!

    Just wanted you guys to check out my cycle.

    Age: 20
    Lifting History: 4 years, started out around 180 w21% bf
    Height: 6’1
    Weight: 240
    Estimated BF% 19-20%
    Diet: Just recently lost 20 lbs with cardio and watching what I ate. Im currently eating around 5000-6000 Cals, 300 grams of protein, just to get used to it for my cycle.
    Goals: add around 20-30 lbs

    Proposed cycle:

    Russian dbol wk 1-4 @ 35 or 1-5 @40 (please see below)
    ICN Testoviron 1-12 @500mg per week
    nolva 10mg 1-12

    wk 12 20mg Nolva
    wk 13 20mg Nolva
    wk 14 20mg Nolva
    wk 15 Clomid 100mg ED (300mg day 1) + 20mg Nolva
    wk 16 Clomid 100mg ED (first half of wk) / Clomid 50mg ED (second half) + 20mg Nolva
    wk 17 Clomid 50mg ED + 20mg Nolva
    wk 18 10mg Nolva
    wk 19 10mg Nolva

    -What do you think about my cycle? Any changes?
    -All of this cost me around $250 US (300 dbol, 24 ICN, 120 nolva, 50 clomid), all legit. (DO NOT PM ME FOR SOURCES)
    -I have an extra 115 dbol, I was thinking of running a dbol bridge wks 15-22 10mg in the am. Should I run the bridge or just put the dbol in my cycle like this: wk 1-5 @ 40mg?
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    You are to young to juice, at 20 your hormones are sky high take advantage of them. Keep eating adjust your calories according to what type if weight you gain.


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    Bump for johnny.

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    If you are worried about sources then why post how much you spent? Does that seem logical? far as your cycle goes it looks good to me. You already have the gear so you probably won't take Johnny's advice so good luck.

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    Sheek, looks good bro.

    I would not run the Dianabol bridge. I would rather see you do the 40mg ED.

    Definitely going to get huge! Good luck!

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    6'1" and 240lbs. AND YOU WANT TO GAIN 20-30 POUNDS? Jeez man if you get @ 260 and are 6'1". Boy I give you some serious props (That is of course if your BF is under 20%.)

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