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    anavar alone????

    whats up guys? im planning to start taking my first cycle in a few months, well i guess most wouldnt consider it a cycle because i wont be using any needles yet. its not that im afraid, its just that im 20 and not sure that im old enough for test, eq or fina yet. i dont even know if im old enough for anavar ? anyways im not looking for any dramatic size gains yet, just looking for some strength, and hardening up a little more. My question is.... Is anavar recommended to take alone? Alot of people are always saying throw some test in that cycle, but im not looking for that,yet. im tired of getting minimal gains from creatine, n02, glutamine, and diet. will anavar give me a desired boost in strength. my stats will be posted below. And if i do get some gains are they capable to maintain, with enough protein and continuous working out? anyways im new to the forum and once again i would like to thank you guys for helping out with my novice questions, and yalls good advice.

    justin g.
    bench:around 245

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    anavar will shut you down just like test etc.. If you're going to run a cycle, do it right, with test. My suggestion is wait.

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    Yeah, go ahead and wait. Test is cheap. If you've got some anavar you should be able to get some test. If you are going to do it then do it right. Add some test and get big. Don't blow your money on 'safe stuff.' I made the mistake and I can tell you I am where I wanted to a year ago. Believe me, I spent a lot of wasted money in the process too. If only I had this advice going in to things...

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    what kind of symtoms can one expect when someone shuts down?????? i know to use test in every cycle....jus curious

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    not where I want to be
    depression, no erections etc.

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    The best thing you can do for yourself right now is to check your diet and exercise routine. If those are optimal, then you should have no problem making good gains naturally for a few years.

    Dump the NO2. Creatine doesn't work for everyone, so that's up to you. Glutamine is debatable, but I use it. Protein powder should be the building block of your supplementation. Check out the supplement and workout forums here for more info. As for cutting a little and hardening up, there are many choices, but I would just go with good old ECA right now. At 6'-2", a 34" waist is not overweight. ECA will do the trick.


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