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    About blood tests and stuff


    I am going to start an 8 week cycle of test cyp and anavar on Nov 2nd.

    For work I have to have a routine medical in late Nov' which invovles a blood test for :
    Cholesterol, HDL & LDL (something to do with blood sugar levels I think), Hep B & C and good old HIV.

    I don't think the fact that I will be mid cycle should effect any of these readings - which may then prompt them to do further tests - and I know that you have to specifically test for roids to find em', but I have been wrong before...

    I need to start my cycle then to be sure that the test cyp has cleared my system in time for my next comp in 2004.

    What do ya reckon?


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    You are fine. Your bp might be up a little but you will be fine. I explained in a thread similar to this that I have done medical drug testing for pharmacuetical companies who are producing a generic durg for competition with a drug whose patent has expired. Any way I was mid cycle also when I was tested. I did all the tests to see if I was healthy and I turned out fine and got paid for the whole ordeall. Now trust me, who is going to be stricter for testing for drugs, a regular company or a company whose whole existance relies on the approval of the FDA? You are fine if I was fine. Good luck on the upcoming cycle.

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