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Thread: advice or help

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    advice or help

    Im new on this site and my friend told me to get some knowledge befo i start doing a cycle so heres my questions.

    23 yrs old
    74" / 190lb/ been lifting for about 3 yrs but not intense

    looking at deca and SUSTANON 250 for 9 week cycle as my first cycle

    i eat rice, chicken, fish try to stay away from alot of carbs like bread and also away from cheese.

    also take protein drinks and take cel tech and multi vitaims

    now i am getting more intense and want to become big and lose my stomach i wear 34 size jeans if that gives u an idea i also do cardio for 25 min 4 days a week and lift 6 out of 7 days.

    whats the adive of everyone?

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    My advice.....don't waste $ on cell-tech. 6 out of 7 days could be viewed as overtraining on some instances. If you want to be big and lose your stomach you might wanna spend some time reading information on a cutting cycle.

    *Whispers: Oh yes a spell check would do good too.

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    For your first cycle run a test only cycle. You might want to run a single ester test also as with SUS you should inject EOD and for your first cycle the EOD injections could get old over the weeks.

    Look at cypionate or enantate. Both are single ester test and are great for a first cycle.

    Research on anti-estrogens and what to do for post cycle therapy (clomid) for when the cycle is over.

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