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    Any reason I shouldn't do this?

    Ok, this is a combination of two other posts I made that didn't get me enough info, please respond as I am planning on starting this today...

    Ok, so I start cycle weighing in at around 228.
    Cycle consists of 300 deca per week and 450 test per week.
    Kick start cycle with D-bol.
    So, in first two weeks I jump up to 238, then over next couple weeks up to 243. Now I have been off the d-bol for about 2 weeks, so this is my 6th week, so test and deca should be in full swing now, and weight dropped down to 238, and then back to around 241, and has been stuck there for about two weeks's like I'm not gaining anymore. I eat like a horse 6 to 7 meals a day, double protein shakes, protein bars, tuna, chicken, beef etc.... workout like a madman. In fact my strength has gone up every week since I started, it's been pretty consistent, every week, pretty much every exersise, I add weight to the bar and it not sure what's up.....I was really hoping to get back up over 250 on this cycle, like to 255 or 260, and hoping to be able to maintain 250 after PCT.

    If you read my post before (now copied above) about being stuck at 242.....well another week has gone by with the Deca/Test...week 8, eating like a horse, working out like an animal....and still stuck at 242. Well, I was thinking I have a little reforvit-b (liquid D-bol) left over from when I kicked off cycle. And I was thinking about doing like 3/4 of a cc a day (about 18.75), for the last two weeks of that would be 4 weeks on d-bol, 4 weeks off, and then a little boost at the end....I have read different threads on D-bol bridge but this seems a little different, I just want that extra boost.........thoughts? Any reason not to do this? I feel like I am stuck and want an extra boost before I am off.

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    Have you gotten any leaner - BF%. Maybe you are adding muscle some muscle and cutting away some fat? That would account for a major difference, but not on the scale.
    just my 2 cents.

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    I have heard of people doing d-bol the first 4 weeks and then the last couple..I never have

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    can't remember if i posted on your other thread...but how many cals/day are you getting?

    are you sure about the quality/dosing of your gear?

    your idea is different in purpose than a bridge, but i don't really see a problem with it...

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    You shouldnt do it becasue steroids are illegal and drugs are bad for you! "Just say NO!"

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    are you overtraining? i ran into this problem on my current fina/prop cycle...

    i decided to cruise with a lower dose of test for one week while i got my training in order...
    then threw in methyl 1-test along with it
    back gaining again; have gained back 3lbs in two days after hitting the fina and methyl 1-test and test full dose...
    my workout volume is a tad lower with more rest periods and less frequency... now working out 3x a week and bodypart full 1x per week
    vs 2day split with one day off after each two workouts

    oh and i think the biggest difference is me focusing on compound exercises instead of lots of isolation movements... chinups for a couple sets, then a couple sets of bicep curls, then a couple sets of seated rows... then ab work... thats my 'pull' day... all sets are at or near failure of course

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    Go for it. Eat more, your weight will increase. Throw in a good 1000cal weight gainer or two.

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    Quote Originally Posted by New GearGuy
    You shouldnt do it becasue steroids are illegal and drugs are bad for you! "Just say NO!"

    Yup. Bad stuff.

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    methyl 1-test

    whats the real name for methyl 1-test...the one my personal trainer gave me(that i stopped taking cuz i found out it was toxic) says meso labs. methyl 1-test, and the real name for it is that the same thing you guys are talking about?

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    adrenaline high
    using deca and test can net you the gains you're looking for if you do everything right. don't forget that d-bol will give you a pretty quick weight increase due mostly to water. you've lost the water you had and now are working with the deca/test. gains from them come over the course of the ENTIRE cycle. don't get discouraged. work hard over the whole cycle and you should see some good results IMHO. good luck bro!

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    Are you getting enough rest...sometimes that could be it..8-12+ hours a sleep will make a world of difference...

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