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Thread: Gains???

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    Hi bros

    I take sust karachi @ 750mg/week,

    Im in week 4 now, but i havent gained anything. But i have been a little bigger and som estrenght gains. But weer is my wight gains??

    And a 2 question, i have got some anadrol , i wounder if there som problems to take the anadrol when i´m in week 4 in this cycle, week 4 off 16.


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    The scale is not always the best gauge of how you're cycle is going. If you look in the mirror and are bigger, and your strength is going up, then stick with it. You really shouldn't be looking for any serious gains from a sust only cycle unitl around this time anyway. Provided everything else is in check you should be fine. Good luck and welcome to AR.


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