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    Sustanon over Omnadren-Always

    Organon's Trademark Sustanon is certainly the king of the "four testo" combination. In the USA, Sustanon is one of the most popular choices among bro's choosing their primary androgenic component to their cycles. To avoid confusion, recall that Organon does license rights to some companies. Examples: Nile Co. and Abbott Labs (pakistanii susta)On the other side of the pond, the European brutha's elect for one of the easily attainable European "testoviron Depots" offering 250mg of enanthanate per ml. Examples being Schering's TV 250, ICN Gal, and Aburahin's.

    As for the ever repeating question of "do I use Omnadren or Sustanon?". Or "what is the difference? " Here is my take. Others shall add.

    All Jelfa Omnadren lots manufactured AFTER 12/31/00 (roughly) are considered the "NEW FORMULA" of Omnadren. "New" meaning that 100mg/ml of the 250mg/ml ampule consists of testoterone DECAnoate. Previous to this date, all Omnadren lots manufactured by either Polfa or Jelfa consisted of 100mg/ml of testosterone HEXanoate rather than test DECAnoate. Remaining "Old" Jelfa lots floating the Marketplace should be nearing their expiration dates very shortly, if not already. IOW's, "Old" formulas of "Om's" are diminishing exponentially.

    The HEXanoate ester was a faster acting ester than the DECanoate which meant higher {BL} of testosterone achieved more quickly in the Omnadren when compared to the standard Sustanon trademark ampules by Organon. Unfortunately for many users, the higher {BL} of testo in a much quicker time period translated only into a higher incident of SE's (side effx) with OMNAs over Sustas. Being an experienced user of both (old) Omnadren and Sustanon, I can certainly support this conclusion.

    Comparisons of the two originated years ago when Polfa originally manufactured Omnadren before Jelfa did. The perception/fallacy of more side effects associated with Omnadren may be never rid of, despite the identical esters of both MEDS today!! Hence, sustanon is currently perceived as the more formidable androgenic component when given the choice.

    Even today, 2.5 years later after "matching" Organon's Trademark Sustanon formula, Omnadren is still perceived to be "a grade less" than Sustanon, IMO. Whether or not this perception is deserved or not is often debated across the message boards.

    As a result of the "lesser demand" for Omnadren in the USA: On average, athletes find that "Om's" price in at 1.00-2.00 USD cheaper per ampule than Organon Sustanon amps. For price sensitive individuals or for those individuals buying in bulk, the savings could be justified. However, for the avarage bro seeking 16-24 amps for his next cycle, the extra 30-40 USD to get the Original Sustanon formula is well worth the investment, IMO.
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    I had always wondered what the difference between omna and sus was but I was just never interested in sus after reading threads and researching multi ester substances. Still a good post though to those that use both or a multi ester test compound.

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