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Thread: 2nd Cycle Plan

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    Unhappy 2nd Cycle Plan

    Hello all
    Have been a natural lifter for 15 years and have an excellent background and foundation in the bodybuilding world. I have done my research but need help with creating the cycle based on your expirience. Diet is not a problem as well as training. Your help is appreciated. Thanks.

    Age 34
    Wt: 200
    BF: 11%

    Have done 1 cycle 16 weeks ago with Deca and Test Enth for 10 weeks.

    Have 1 50cc bottle Reforvit (liquid D) 25mg/cc
    2 10cc bottles Test Enth 250mg/cc
    3 10cc bottle Deca 300mg/cc

    Once again thanks for your time.

    The Roc

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    Welcome to the board. State your goals and someone here will gladly help you. There are many knowledgeable guys on here in their 30's that I'm sure will have no problem sharing their AAS experiences with you and dishing out suggestions.

    How much did you gain in your first cycle? And did you follow post-cycle treatment?

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    37.5 dbol ED wk 1-4
    500 test 10wks
    450 deca 10wks

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    Gain on first was 21 lbs and have kept 16 of it as of today. Clomid 200 on day 1, 100 x 5 days, and then 50 ed for three more weeks. Goal would be to gain as much as possible without being stupid.

    I personally thought 25mg Dbol ed would do the trick. Isnt the 37.5 overkill especially with the Deca on board as well.....???? side effects.

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