ok I know this is probably asked many times but I am having trouble bringing up threads about it

I am going to be running a fina/prop cycle probably for about 6 weeks give or take a few days

the fina is 75mg/ml EOD
the prop is 400mg/10ml 1ml a week
I have clomid but nothing else

what anti Es are needed for the fina? do I need anything else?

my first cycle was very small (6 weeks) but I reacted very well to it
all it was, was sustanon 250 for 3 of the weeks and primo depot for the other 3 trading off and on with them every other week. I put on over 15lbs, and didnt take any clomid post cycle and kept everything, I really didnt have any signs of side effects, except for very very slight acne on my ribs to back areas

I will be taking the clomid with this cycle as it kind of worries me, but I want to know what else is needed if anything? is there anything I can get at legal stores either ?