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    injury midway through cycle

    Well, this is my luck..I started cycle almost exactly five weeks ago and now I've injured myself..I've shot 500mg's per week of test enan for 4 weeks and my next shot is coming up started kicking in after my 3rd shot and I've been getting a lot stronger and this week have been noticing more size but I don't know how and when I done it, but I've pinched a nerve in my hand keeps going numb and the pain is extremely bad if I try to make a fist..I'm calling the chiropractor in the morning and setting up an appointment started hurting real bad friday so I haven't lifted since except I worked out legs this morning but that's the only thing I can workout right long will it take my hand to heal...I'm getting bad pains through it especially while typing this out right now and it keeps going numb back and main question is, now that my test just kicked in like last week, what do I do in case I have to take a few weeks off? do I stop injecting? or keep on injecting or wait 2-3 weeks then start clomid therapy? I've done lots of searching today and I couldn't find info on what I should do..I've just seen some say stop cycle and save money then some say keep shooting..but I'm not gonna lift(couldn't if I tried) until this heals(hopefully quickly) so say I have to take 3-4 weeks off or even more, what would be the best recommendation..I appreciate the help a lot!

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    Hey whats up.. If i were u i wouldn't stop takin gear and i woudl go see a doc.. ask "if i continue to lift hard am i putting myself at any risk to further damage".. if answer is no.. u just gotta go balls out and work thru the pain..
    if he says u gotta take time off. i think the answer to stopiing depends on how long u have to take off..
    if he gives u medication to cure it or take pian away.. then make sure u ask if its ok to lift still and make sure it dosne't mix bad with ur gear..
    what ever u do if u have to stop do your PCT.. or u'll be sorry..

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