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    bulking and cutting

    let me give u some stats really quick. I'm 5 8' 170, and 21. I've been working out for about two years, and i am at about 13-14% bf.
    This would b my first cycle, but i wont b starting it until a little after christmas. i've done a good amount of research, but want to do some more and make sure i set up a good cycle. I wanted to see if u guys could help me set up a cycle. I want to gain about 7-10 lbs or so of good muscle and be down to about 7% bf. So i was wanting to do a bulking cycle, followed by a cutting cycle. SO i guess something about 13 weeks long. So if u guys could give me some examples i would really appreciate it.

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    Bro for 7 or 10 pounds and at your age you can do that with diet and training.

    If you decide to run a cycle.... a good first cycle is a long acting ester test cycle. Research cypionate or enantate.

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    Read this article, follow it to the T, and post back in three months.

    I bet you will thank me afterwards for introducing you to the thread. Give it a shot before you take the plunge...

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