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Thread: cutting up

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    cutting up

    for my next cycle, i would really like to cut up a lot. i was wondering if anyone had a bad ass cycle that they used that worked really well. also if you want to throw in a little advice on the cardio you used, that'd be appreciated too......thanks guys

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    test/tren /var (not winstrol )

    its really the diet though. the above fights off the catabolism though. t3/nyc or clen is nice as well.

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    weeks 1-12/14 - test prop 100 mg day
    weeks 1-6 - winni 100mg day
    weeks 7-12/14 - fina 100 mg day
    clen and eca rotate 2 weeks on and off
    weeks 4 -12/14 - t3 taper up and down from 25mcg to 100mcg.
    Of course correct pct... ( Duiretics if lookn for exact peak is desired would depend on the day )

    Works for me, cardio 6 days a week 30-45 min at moderate pace.
    High protein/fat and low carbs ( everyone is different on exact numbers )- Lots of H2O...
    Lift heavy and no longer than 50 minutes 5 days a week.
    Good Luck

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