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Thread: 1st cycle

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    1st cycle

    Whats up im ab to do my firts cycle so its pretty basic stuff, i juts want a little advice from some people who know what they are talking ab.
    I am gonna do deca at 250/week 1-10 weeks...i know its a low dosage but i dont want to do anything crazy for the first cycle and from what ive heard i will still be able tos ee gains witha good diet. im stacking the deca with sust...this is where i am a little lost. should i go 1-10 witht he sust or take it past the deca? also liek the deca i dont want to have the dosage to high...any recomendations would be great.
    thanx bros
    oh im 21 6ft 190-195 lbs, body fat ab looking to put on some mass but witht hat also cut up and add vascularity.

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    Bro just run test for your first cycle. Run a single ester test like cyp or enan. Save the deca for another cycle.

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    You could go either way on this one. Mudman is right by saying take a singel ester your first time. However if you already have the gear run at least 250 test at least one week past your last shot of deca . Remember your post cycle theropy as well. clomids 3 weeks after the last shot.

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