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    does d-bol speed workout recovery?

    Yah, just as it sez in the subject line . . . Does d-bol speed workout recovery, making it possible to work bodyparts every three or four days instead of maybe five or six?

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    I feel better on D's....I recover alot faster but my workouts or more intense so it stays pretty much the same as far as recovery length. Just depends on the person i guess.

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    I've used Dianabol alone and I did not see a difference in recovery time; I was still pretty sore from workouts and could only train once a week.

    But this is me, and it may be different for you.

    Remember, food, sleep, and glutamine all help recovery time a great deal.

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    Dbol , combined with good nutrition and rest, always reduces my recovery time.

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    I'm on 500mg test enath ew and just finished 4 weeks of dbol 30mg ED.
    I heard many say that you can workout harder while on roids. But when I tried to workout my arms 2 times weekly it went to weeks and they felt withered and overtrained.

    Dbol gives my no faster recovery time but it defently gives me a major pump when I work out I meen you have to stop becasue of the pump not muscle failure heh

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