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    Question confusion about susta

    Hi mates!

    I'm just wondering

    When is susta really kicking in ?

    I've read drug profiles saying that it kicks in the same day as the injection becasue of the prop.

    but I've also read profiles claiming that the two fast esters in susta is each linked to one of the two slow esters, so it's normal that it kicks in after 3-4 weeks.

    What is true?

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    In theory, the short esters in the sust should be active in a day or two, but because there is such a small amount (30mg prop and 30mg phenylprop), you really shouldn't see any difference until the larger amount of hte longer esters become active. That is, of course, unless you shoot 2 or 3 ml in first few days, WHICH I AM NOT RECOMMENDING!

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    from the susta i took in my cycle, i didnt notice it kicking in until 3-4 weeks into the cycle, and when it did watch out. i took only 250 mg of nile sust a week for 8 weeks and noticed a huge gain
    good luck with the cycle bro

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    hey im also planning to try that cycle. all susta250 ones a week for 8 weeks. hey men tell me about it.did you loss fat as well?

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