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    What do I stack Aratest 2500 with.??? for MASS

    Ok this will not be my first cycle

    I have taken a cycle of aratest 2500 from Lab Aranda about 5 months ago
    I was able to gain about 22lbs.... I would like to take Aratest again because I no that it works.. I would like to to stack it with some thing to get more mass..
    I want to gain about 30lbs.. I no if i work hard and eat right i can get at least
    15 to 20 off the aratest. I took 1cc ever monday and thursday.
    This time I think that iam going to take 1cc every 2 or 3 days.. I dont no if i schould stack it with deca 200 Or D-bol tabs.. I want mass ...

    What do yaul think that I schould do..

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    If you want mass then use both d-bol and deca ...

    run the d-bol to kickstart you cycle wk 1-4
    and run the deca along ith the test at 400mg wk...that should pack on atleast 15-20 if you eat right....maybe more

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