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Thread: after effect

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    after effect

    I finished a cycle of 1000mg sostenon a week
    deca durabolin and d-bol 25 mg a day
    i also took nolvadex and after the last week i started taking clomid. i know there is a down period after a cycle when you feel like shit but for how long??? i took clomid for about 2 weeks and it didnt seem to help. it has been a month now and i still have zits all over my back and absolutly no drive. should i go back on clomid?? i hate the way it makes me feel to but i need to get back to normal. when i say zits on my back i mean all over the place. worse than when i was a teen. i have done a couple sostenon cycles and was great. i think it must be the d bol or somthing not right. still have plenty of clomid left though. please let me know. im hurtin

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    Post cycle is when alot of people usually break out....You need to be taking clomid for about 21 days to make sure your boys are fine...

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    How long did you wait to run clomid?

    Also running clomid for 2 weeks will not restore nature test production. Deca will shut you down hard bro and without proper PCT you will have a hard time recovering.

    I would say start clomid again and I would also use nolva to help with recovery. You will need to run PCT for 4 weeks.

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