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    TEST 400 and Dbol CYCLE HELP!!!

    I have denkall Test 400 10cc vial and also 100 pink thai 5mg dbol pills. I am planning on stacking the 2 together what is the best way to do this i want max results from this if anyone knows let me know. thanks

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    buy some more DBOL . At least 100 more tabs. Also buy another vial of test. Thats just my opinion and Im SURE you will get others.

    30mgs a day of dbol for 5 weeks equals about 220 tabs
    400 mgs a week of test for 10 weeks
    Your test is alright but it is always good to have a little more just for the hell of it.

    PLAN on spending 1 to 200 dollars a week on food as well.
    People dont add that cost in. They are always more concerned and focused on raising JUST ENOUGH money for their cycle and then skimp on food and protien.
    Then they come back on and complain about NOT seeing gains.

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    He's right. I always forget about the food aspect. I figure now I got my gear and I'm set, but I didn't account for going to the grocery store three times a week.

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