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    Can You Be On Accutane While Taking Steriods?

    How Effective Would It Be To Combat Acne?

    I Plan On Duing A 12 Week Cycle.

    My Cycle Will Probably Consist Of Any 3 Of These:

    Deca - Primo - Eq - Sus Or Ethenate.

    I Deffinantly Would Break Out And Am Very Scared To Take Any Type Of Test. But I Know Thats Where A Lot Of The Size Will Come From. I Dont Want To Take Anadrol , Dianabol , Or Anavar Because It Is To Hard On The Liver.
    What Should I Do?

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    I hear about people useing accutane while taking steroids but there is alot of bloodwork and precautionary measures taken before accutane is prescribed to someone who is not using AS. I didnt feel safe doing it so I just stuck with otc washes. They worked pretty good exspecally if you can use them 3x a day.

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    How about minocycline? Ask you derm. about that instead.

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    I did a cycle while on accutane. My advice would be to just steer clear of any oral so you keep stress on your liver down. I did a test E/ EQ cycle and all my blood work came out fine every month...

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