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    Another problem....

    Ok, so I am coming to the end of my cycle of 300 Deca and 450 test per week, the test was split into two shots, one Thursday (which is the day I started) and one on Monday. Anyway, I have one more shot Thursday and one more Monday coming up. Well, I have just realized that there is only 1/2 cc left of test for my Monday shot (instead of 1 full cc), after my Thursday shot, and there is only 1/2 cc of Deca left for my Thursday shot, instead of the normal 1cc. So, should I just do the 1cc of test and the 1/2 cc of deca shot on Thursday and then do the last 1/2 cc of test on Monday? Or should I load it all up for the Thursday shot? I was kind of leaning toward the 1/2 cc test shot on Monday, just so there is some more test in my body after the deca.....thoughts....

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    lemme guess, you forgot to account for the gear you were going to lose each time you injected.

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    Personally, I would just go ahead as planned and then just take what you had left on the last day, but I really dont think I matters eather way.

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    Honestly doesnt matter...its happened to me before and I just shot what I have left..

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