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    I am curious if anyone else is using their products. I have been using the SaTest for a few weeks and I'm doubtful of it being real test vs prohormones. I know of one other AR member who is using it and it could be real gear. I know this subject has beeb discussed before but thought I might find new opinions. I am doubtful that it's real test as I haved used 1/2 a cc a day for 3 weeks which if test would be 700mg aweek, and haven't seen any dramatic gains in size or strength. I literally got more out of 10 days of 1AD for ten days than 3 weeks of this stuff. Also PPL is way overpriced. If it is prohormones as labled I got ripped off. If it's real gear I'd like to see an analysis.
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    There test is way over priced and Ive tried a few other products, and didnt get any real gains off any of it.

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    their oils arent cheap thats a fact but I have used the satest and it is prop - I did notice that it crashed when it was too cold tho so I warm it up when I can see a little at the bottom - but unless prohormones give me a bad case of acne - and they dont - feel hurting when the prop leaches out over hte next day - then this is real prop.

    I might take a bit and get a lab test done on it and put it up tho - they probably would give me a freebie for that :idea:

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