Alright, I'm confused as shit because I keep reading contradictory posts.
I'm about to start an anavar and EQ cycle (I know it's bitch, but it's better than nothing). My primary concern is about hairloss. Now this is where the confusion comes in...I take Propecia regularly.

I know Propecia doesn't react well with Deca because it converts into DHN and not DHT, but what about anavar and EQ? Anavar doesn't aromatize, but does it reduce to DHT (or even DHN)? What about EQ, does it reduce to DHT via the 5AR enzyme?

What I'm really asking is do Anavar and EQ react badly with Propecia in regards to hairloss?

-Big Juice

P.S. If anyone is wondering if Deca really reacts badly with deca, IT DOES!!! I did a cyle of 400mg EQ/wk and 500mg test/wk with Propecia and had no problems. My next cyle I swithced the EQ to deca and bamn, my hair was thinning like crazy!