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    Question Working on a new cycle (Need advice)

    Hey guys here is what I got, I had a plan on what to do but I was wondering what you guys think about a cycle to run and if there is anything I need in my cycle? Ok here is what I have:

    Quality Vet Enanat 250
    250mg/ml, 50ml jug

    Quality Vet Deca 300
    300mg/ml, 10ml vial

    Thai Methandienone
    5mg/tabs, 100 tabs

    What kind of cycle would you guys run with this?


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    I am sorry I left some info out. This is my 3rd cycle my last 2 cycles where test (500mg week) and fina (75mg ed). My stats are 217lbs 6"0 age 22

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    What do you propose and I will help you out with what you put down?

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    my 2 cents

    First, I would get the QV test in individual bottles... I have had some trouble with bad batches with 2 of the "jugs" as you called them...

    The cycle looks sweet though... I would do the following...

    500mg test 1-10
    400mg deca 1-10
    25mg dbol 1-4
    5mg dbol 12, 13
    10mg dbol 14
    anti-e as needed .5mg anastrozole eod

    Clomid Therapy starting wk 13

    Some people don't agree but I think that a single, small dose of dbol can do wonders at the back end to give your natural testosterone production to get back up to normal levels.

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