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    Is TEST PROPIONATE worth doing 50mg's EOD?

    Im am going to start a 12 week cycle. Im am considering adding DECA - PRIMO - EQ - PROPIONATE .

    I am deffinantly going to do some deca. It will help my shoulder a lot. Plus add some size. I am going to do the Primo also because from what i hear it is the highest quality steriod out there. Im not looking to blow up instantly and will be satisfied with slow permanent gains. I think I will leave the EQ for a cutting cycle with some winny, for the future. Im scared to do testosterone because i am acne prone. I know that Propionate's sides are supposed to be less severe than TEST E, TEST C, and SUS.

    The sides that i most fear are acne. do you know if the acne sides on Prop will be less than that of Ethenate or SUS? And if so would 50-100mg's EOD help out a person like me and some size. Im hoping that the deca and primo will help me add and maitain quality muscle. I hope this is true.

    Im 23 years old. 5'9 - 165. Ive done a cycle of EQ and Winny in the past and got realy hard and shreaded, but did not add much weight. But i did keep what I earned through hard work and proper diet, along with 8+ hours of sleep a night.

    Oh by the way i did a cycle of sus and deca a few years back but did not know the importance of a proper diet and sleep. I KNOW ALL THIS NOW.

    I also live in san diego so I can get all my hear over in TJ and the lowest prices possible. I will also be purchasing some clomid, novaldex, and some proviron .

    possible cycle:

    week 1-12: PRIMOBOLAN DEPOT/ 300mgs.
    week 1-10: DECA/400mgs.
    week 11-12: DECA/200mgs.
    and im thinking of adding test prop only if im certain that the acne sides will be less than that of sus and test e.
    week 1-12: TEST PROPIONATE/ 50mgs. EOD

    will 50 mgs of test prop even make a difference in a cycle like this?
    and if the sides will be lower i will jump it to 100mgs. EOD.


    PS. i remember when i did that sus in the past that i broke out on my shoulders.

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    when it comes to acne...test is test bro, however the best steroids for mass do carry a higher androgenic property as well

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    Bro, if your acne prone deca will break you out and so will primo. Primo is an androgen, so is proviron .. any androgen will break you out. 50mg of prop eod is a waste... minimum 100mg eod, but I recommend ed. If your gonna do it do it right, you definitely need test in there. Read up on deca dick too, you'll see why you NEVER run deca without test unless you really want to piss off your girlfriend and make her feel insecure... If you do use deca there is no need to taper it down, just run 400mg all the way through. I've never used primo so I can't comment on it but from what I know it's not worth the money. BTW make sure your running a higher amount of test than deca.

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    wouldnt deca - primo - eq have a much less androgenic effect, thus causing me to not breakout as much?

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    prop 150mgs eod

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