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    1st cycle questions

    IM planning to do my first cycle in a couple weeks. Im not looking to bulk up big time, just add some lean hard muscle and cut some fat too. I dont want to do any major roids so I was thinking of doing some anavar because from the research I did and from poeple I know who used it, it is very safe, and will add hard lean muscle to your body and cut fat too. The question I have is that I have some dbol in my hands that I bought a while ago and never used. i was thinking of stacking those two. I know that it is very toxic to the liver to use 2 orals but I am planning to use a low dosage of dbol (15-30mg) and a normal dosgage of anavar. I know alot of poeple will blast me for not using a high dosgage of dbol and say its pointless but I am not looking to add a ton of weight I just want to add a little size and strength and combine it with the effects of the anavar I will be getting. Is it worht it to add dbol and what type of gains should i expect to get? Also I know alot of people will suggest to use test but I dunno not want to blow up or get bloated. Im not looking to gain 10-15lbs.
    Here are my stats, Im 6" 207lbs, 8% bodyfat, Im decently strong benching around 350 full squatting over 400. I ve been lifitng for 7 years and go 110% in the gym, getting the most of out of my workouts. I lift 5 days a week. My diet is pretty good, I eat 5-6 times a day, high in protein and carbs and low in fat. I get over 200 grams of protein and frontload most of my carbs.

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    well, d-bol will blow u full of water most likely, if your going to add it might as well add test...anavar is a very mild 17aa, not that I recommend 2 17aa's but I would think you will be fine

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