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Thread: PCT help....

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    PCT help....

    Hello Everyone,

    I will be finishing off a Deca cycle of 400mg week for 10 weeks (dont ask about why I didnt stack with test, my trainer apparently doesnt know much.. and he says dont worry about clomid..etc...)

    Anyways... Is Clomid by itself Ok????? 1st Day 300mg.... 2-11 100mgDay .... 12-21 50mgDay?

    Also, could I extend my cycle to 12 weeks on the Deca??? (My dummy trainer wanted me to just run a 6 week cycle)

    Thanks in advance.. and this board has helped so much.. thanks alot guys....

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    Yes you can extend the cycle but I wouldn't go past that..... also if this is your first time running Deca I would stop at 10 weeks....... Deca is hard on HPTA recovery and the longer you run it the harder it can be to recover.

    Start PCT 3 weeks after your last injection. You will need to run PCT for 4 weeks not 3. I would use Clomid and Nolva to help with the process. Run the nolva at 20mg ED and the Clomid 300/100/50

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    Its obvious that your trainer doesn't know much about anabolics. Clomid is a MUST after cycles. Unless you don't want any chance of retaining your gains or having your testicular function back. Yes, you can extend your cycle. But make sure that you bump your PCT too.

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    Get rid of you dumb ass trainer asap.

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