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    Thumbs up Cycle Advice for first cycle

    Well I got some great advice after researching for awhile, and still am deciding what to do. For some quick info i'm 6'0 180, wanna gain a good 15-20 lbs.
    Well I was think d-bol and test enth, with 20mg of 5mg d-bol a day for 4 weeks. The test enth i was wondering what's a good ml of it for the shot.
    Also i was thinking decca and test enth, and was wondering which of these would be best. I play baseball, and eat really well and have a strict workout, i'm looking for 15-20 lbs and gain some speed or not lose any. Your advice would go along way. Thanks alot.


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    go w/ dbol /test for your first.
    Week 1-10 Test e 500mgs
    week 1-4 dbol 30mgs ed
    clomid 2 weeks out


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