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Thread: Mass cycle PCT

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    Question Mass cycle PCT

    wats the best PCT for the following cycle:

    600mg/weekly Test Enan (12weeks)
    100mg/daily Anadrol or 30mg/daily Dbol (5weeks)

    one guy told me that if u take clomid after the cycle, it boosts your test and your estrogen levels, and that once the clomid is fnished, ur estrogen levels are way higher than ur testosterone , and the test levels drop dramatically back to normal. leaving you with extremely high estrogen levels and a much higher chance of gyno. i kinda found this hard to believe since so many ppl use clomid and nolvadex for PCT. but the guy who told me is like 6'6" 300lbs n hes a competitive bodybuilder, he should know his shyt...
    Bros can u help me out herre

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    two weeks after 300/100/50

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