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    Unhappy Got blood results back

    Test is at 79 which my doc said is low. I'm supposed to be at 170 I think he said. I ended cycle on August 1st but have been doing a dbol bridge w/ 10mgs in AM. Is this why my test is low and surpressed. Also my good cholestrol is low and has been for over a year now. VEry low. How can I get this back up. FUck I wanted to start up again in November, should I??

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    No, and get off the dbol . I just got my blood work done, I have beenoff for 9 weeks now and I'm back to normal. LDL was a bit high, BP was good, HDL was good, and test was @ 267. Get off for at least two months and get it checked again

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    Do another PCT, discontinue the dbol .

    Are you using a inhibitor(L-dex, femara)

    Start doing cardio for HDL

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