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    Blood work ? for the Doc's or other experts

    I just had my blood work done. Everything came out fine except for my RBC, HGB, and HCT. They were all high.

    RBC = 6.23 acceptable range 4 - 5.9 cmm
    HGB = 19.6 acceptable range 12 - 17.5 G/DL
    HCT = 56.3 acceptable range 36 - 53 %

    I assume this means that my iron content in my blood is to high.

    I just completed a 300 mg / week Deca only cycle about 8 weeks ago. I've heard that equpoise stimulates red blood cell production. Does Deca do this as well ?

    I assume that this would mean I'm carrying extra oxygen in my blood. Why would that be a bad thing ?

    My blood pressure is slightly elevated....not enough for medication. Would these high levels mean that my blood volume is higher then it should be causing my blood pressure to go up ?

    My Doctor wants me to a specialist for a hematology assessment to find out why these levels are elevated. No.... he does not know about the Deca. Should I discuss the deca with him or maybe tell him I was taking large doses of prohormones ?

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    PM Pheedno, he's the shit when it comes to stuff like that.

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    Tell him you were taking prohormones, and just explain you've read that they can cause the same side effects as anabolic steroids .

    Otherwise you are going to waste alot of people's time as they try to figure out what is going on.

    An elevated crit is bad because it increases the viscosity of the blood, increasing the heart's workload, and can lead to coagulopathy....yours isn't excessively high though.

    Donate blood.

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    I'm surprised he's concerned with values elevated by just that much. I agree with the above about saying you were on prohormones, but DON'T go along with the million dollar work up for something only modestly elevated. They'll be doing bone marrows bx and such. Repeat in a few weeks.

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    I think the above got ya covered bro. Those levels are mildly elevated, and are not of critical concern. I'm suprised your doc wants you to see a specialist.

    I've never thought of it before but blood donation is actually a pretty good idea.

    Is there a time when you doc has scheduled for a second work up?

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    As i understand it, AAS increases erythropoesis (makes more red blood cells) so an elevated hematocrit should be expected right?? since the levels are not extremely elevated, it shouldn't be a huge deal and should return to normal post cycle. I guess make sure you drink lots of water to help w/ blood viscosity - and take everyone else's advice - tell him prohormones and try donating blood...might help, couldn't hurt!

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