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    Measuring body fat with Accu-Measure

    Its not digital, its manual with milimeters and inches, does anyone know how to use this or where a manual is online?

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    Quote Originally Posted by seventy7
    Its not digital, its manual with milimeters and inches, does anyone know how to use this or where a manual is online?
    You are supposed to measure the superrailliac area which is located one inch above your right hip bone. Grab the fat in this area with the left hand thumb and forfinger and use the calliper with your right hand. Be sure to let go(on the calliper) as soon as you here a click. If you don't it will measure you a lot lower than you really are. There is a chart based on your age and sex that will tell you what bodyfat percentage you are. This thing is surprisingly accurate, but not the most accurate of all tests. It is usually within 1% of your actual fat% when done correctly. If you need help with the chart you can PM me or reply , as I have one.

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    Swellin Guest
    I also have one of these things. It measured way high when I only used the one site that was recommended. I used the computer program that you can buy with the calipers, and it asks for seven measurements. You enter the seven measurements, and it will calculate you bf % for you. Measuring in 7 places is much more accurate than measuring in one place.

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    Swellin...where did you get yours? Anyone know where to buy online???

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    I ordered mine from the link above, and it got here in a couple of days.

    Call me a sucker, but I bought the $33.95 package. That little measuring tape is pretty darn sporty. It is soooooo much easier to run by yourself than one of those limp tape jobs.

    The software also provides a format for you to track your progress very easily.
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