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    should i x the anavar???

    whats up guys?? i just recently posted a thread, describing my soon to be first cycle, that did not include test. and i just realized from alot of advice that this would not be a good idea. im 6'4 20yrs. old around 215lbs. im very intersting in hardening up a little more, and gaining some quality lean mass. nothing big like 30lbs, just a little noticeable size. originally i was going to run anavar 40mg/ed for weeks 5-12, and eq weeks 1-10. however i know i should throw test in the cycle, and a member suggested adding 200mg test for 10 weeks. based on the goals that im wanting (cutting/ lean muscle mass) is anavar worth spending the money on??? or should i just run test and eq? or should i just forget the eq, and run test and anavar?? its going to be my first cycle, and i have plenty of time to save up for it, and want to do it right. i just dont want to pump to many different substances in my body, and get some horrible sides. thanks for the help guys!

    justin g.

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    eq/test makes a better cycle. test @ 500mg/wk. eq @ 400mg/wk. don't forget your clomid/nolva too

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    Here is what I would do if I were you:

    1-11 Test Enan 500mg/wk
    1-10 EQ 400mg/wk
    8-13 Winny 50mg/ed
    Start pct treatment three days after last Winny dose.

    This is pretty close to what I ran for my first cycle (EQ was at 600mg for me). I had a 36lb gain in LBM by the time the cycle had ended. I kept about 80-85% of it.


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    I would do Test400 at 1cc a week...that would give you good agains and would be an awesome beginning cycle...also hook yourself up with liquidex and the liquidex at .5 ED....From what you want....this would give it to ya...

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