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    Its starting to sink in

    I am beginning to get it! Deca cycles without test is not what most ppl reccomend. I know I threw caution to the wind and decided to start a deca/anavar cycle anyways despite advice to put test in cuz i was scared off by all the androgenic side effects. I completed 2 wks into cycle (on my 3rd) and scared by all the deca dick and deca-shuts-you-down-hard accounts out there. is it too late to add test? Also, I have ergopharm Select 300 androdiol (4AD) sitting on the shelf..can I use that instead of test...i figured 600 mg a day with 5% conversion rate still amounts to roughly 175-200 mg/wk of test...would that somewhat alleviate my situation? or is that me just being stupid

    btw, i dont have symptoms of deca dick or gyno yet but my nuts have shrunk a that to be expected this soon?

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    You are only in your 2nd week so no it's not too late to through in the test. No you can't subsitute a prohormoe for test. Hopefully you will be able to get some test.

    Everyone is different..... some people show signs testicular atrophy early, some don't ever see it.... All depends but it's a sign that var and deca are shutting you down.

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    I would get some Prop ASAP...and run it though out...

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    IMO test is king. It is the best base for any cycle and it has awesome synergistic properties My very first cycle was an EQ/winny stack. I have included test in every cycle since then and I regret not adding in my first. Gotta include it in your cycles bro. Not only for the reasons stated above, but to make sure you don't have any sexual disfunction. Gotta keep the ladies happy. LOL.

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    Totally agree with The Mud Man (as always). If you started Enanthate it might take wuite a while longer to kick in, but if you start test-prop (150mg EOD) now you'll feel it pretty fast.

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    i started test prop after 11 days into my tren cycle, so naa, i don't think its too late for you to throw in some test...but i'm a newbie with all this stuff.

    -- clocky

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheJuicer
    I would get some Prop ASAP...and run it though out...
    I agree with TheJuicer. Go for prop if you can get it, because it will begin working faster than other types of test.

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