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Thread: Test Only

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    Test Only

    Going to run my first cycle am running test e- was going to run var with it but was thinking just run the test e just now, run var on the next one?
    any thoughts

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    A test only cycle is good for your first one.

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    If you'll notice.. Test is the base of almost every cycle.
    There is no need to run complicated cycles. Test only is a great first choice. Just keep the faith. Unless your very attuned to your body and can notice suttle differences, It will take a few weeks before seeing any real gains.. But they will come, So keep the faith in knowing that your on your way to a bigger better body!
    Good luck!

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    just get some test and run it @500mg wk...make sure you read up on your anti e' could even throw in some d-bol the first 4 weeks and grow like a weed

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