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    Unhappy Sorry Cycling agian

    Sorry everyone about the 1st post
    OK this is my second cycle, i just finished satcking sus 200, deca200, and winnie 200, and im been off for about 12 weeks, i didnt lose any size or strengh, just my cutness.......As my new cycle, i am taking 500MG of deca , with EQ, the eq is 50ml so compred to the 10 weeks of deca, which is the best way i should stack? should the 2 cycles over lap, should i start them at the same time, or should they be finished at the same time? My goals are intended are to....Gain, and keep about 10-15 pounds of solid mass as well as staying lean, under 10% body fat, Should, i add some clomid at the end of this cycle, and what would be the sugg dosage? Thanks in advance for the feed back

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    Need Test. I wouldn't advise using EQ and Deca at the same time. Some like it. But I would not hinder the vascularity and hardness from the EQ with Deca's retension.

    Post up the cycle you had in mind and we'll critique it
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